Saturday, November 05, 2005

Here we go again...

Last night, college buddies and I finally met up again, and there were no blasts in Delhi. The curse has been lifted.

We headed out to my favourite pub. Me, and 6 guys. Can you imagine how the over-protective servers and manager would've reacted! We had a fantastic time. One of these guys has just returned from London after 2 years, and I was amazed - NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER. I've had the pleasure of meeting people who after week long trips to Bangkok develop Americanized accents. Long Island Ice Tea, Sex at the Movies, Margarita, Screwdriver, Brain Hammerage - all our favorites flowed like water. I pointed out Harvey Ballbanger to the guys, but they all politely declined with pained expressions on their faces. We danced the night away, and yours truly has had memory flashes all day today.

Anyway, I had thought that folks would've had enough of Gen 1 and Gen 2 of open-mouth-insert-foot situations, but colleagues and readers have contributed more instances. Some were left behind on the Comments section, some were mailed to me, and yet more were furtively sent to me on instant messenger at office.

1. Lalit Singh said...
Oft seen in mails
Please revrt back in case of queries
Yeah rite.. since i can't revert forward. guess thats the only choice I have

Or during presentations
Can u please repeat that again..
Sure thing!! right after I repeat it for the first time

"my cousin brother"..
oh he's ur cousin n brother as well

"Kerosene oil"
what else do u have in kerosene?

"why dont u come for dinner tomm night"
Hmmmmm... lets have that dinner tommorow morning.. what say?

2. silverine said...
There was this tame one from my office.

We are very grateful for your kind gesticulation

3. Vaibhav said...
Or when people get clothes for (from a recent experience) office farewells... "How did you know my size!!" Then theres "Blow harder!" at birthday cake cutting.. er... ceremonies...

4. Anonymous - dude/dudette, next time leave a name plzz
Got this from a colleague at office "For the trek I had taken just a stick and a few old newspapers and had to borrow a sleeping bag. That lady saw my equipment and laughed before lending her bag to me.."

5. The elderly camel said...
At a sports quiz I attended some time back, in an visual round, the quiz master held up Raman Lamba's picture and asked us to identify him. One team gets it right. Says the q-master, " Thats right. Its Raman Lamba in one of his favourite positions", referring to Lamba standing at silly point.

6. From office colleague - you know who you are...and if I tell anyone who you are, you're gonna kill me, aren't ya?

- Female Graphic Designer(GD) to Web Developer(WD) about a graphic file: "Daal diya andar?" WD: "Ek minute."

- Fellow traveller in sumo responding crankily to someone who asked her to close the window to keep out the chill breeze: "Yeh mera hai, aur mein kholke rakoongi." (happened recently)

- Female employee looking at the laptop: "Mera Inbox aaj khul nahin raha."

- Female employee to Tech guy: "Yeh unzip nahin ho raha." Tech guy "Abhi aake dekhta hoon."

- From my college days. Girl complained to chemistry lab assisstant that the lab equipment he gave her was not of the right size. Lab assistent replied: "Aapko yeh thodi dhekhna hai ki yeh badaa hai ke chota hai. Aapke lia bus useful hona chaahia."

- This is actually supposed to have happened in an NIIT center. This slightly eccentric instructor was chatting up a girl and asking her what she would be during the summer hols. She replied, "Oh, I am going to Mount Abu." He shot back, "Who is Abu?"