Thursday, April 26, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Ever since I moved to Toronto, things that I took for granted in India, are what I miss the most. Oh I won't pretend I don't enjoy the unbroken high-speed Internet, un-interrupted power and water supply, and the 14 degree weather, but still, there are things about home that I will never get here. Since its raining today, and I'm feeling somewhat homesick, I thought making a list of a few of my favourite things will make me feel better.

1. Samosas - Oh c'mon, its raining! What fun is rain unless you are sitting with some garam garam chai and samosas...Wait I know...pakodas....paneer fit for the Gods.

2. Smell of aloo frying - You know how when you walk in Connaught Place and suddenly your senses are assailed with the incredible aromas of aloo frying in one of the little corners...and there is this crowd of people surrounding that HUGE frying pan, waiting for their aloo chaat...Oh man, I never ate it when I was in Delhi, even my stomach can't handle that food, but those awesome aromas haunt me even 12,000 miles away.

3. Neighbourhood sabzi walas - Saaaaaaabbbbbjiiiiiiiii...Man, those guys can shout. I used to feel bad in Delhi, when I'd hear them still trying to hawk their wares at 9:30 in the night, knowing that next day, they'll be up at 3 AM to go to the mandi, pushing their carts, and then push that laden cart around for the rest of the day, until night time again. But I miss those fresh veggies to the door. Who needs organic labels. Everything in India is organic!

Yes, I know it appears as though I am singularly obsessed with food ever since getting here, but you have to be out of India to know what its like...I have a lot of buddies living in London, Denmark, US etc. and here is one food description that they love to hate:

"Going to Pandara Road, ordering butter naan, tandoori chicken, dal makhani, and kadhai chicken...breaking that melt in the mouth naan...with butter dripping down it. the slightly spicy and tangy flavours of tandoori chicken bursting upon your tastebuds...till you taste the kadhai chicken that is...with chillies and chicken swimming in pyaaz and masala...then you wash it with a dip of naan in the creamy dal makhani..." how many of you are ordering dhaba food tonight eh? I know I know...writing all this is a bit sadistic....but hey, I'm going through it too remember.

So what else do I miss...Aaah, street shopping! I miss Janpath, buying all that junk jewelery one could find only there...You know those long earings girls wear, with little squares designed in bronze...they are soo popular in Toronto...but when I saw them in Eaton center, they were priced at $40. In Delhi, they are available for 30 rupees! I am so tempted to get into business. Buy a suitcase full of those from Janpath, and sell them in Toronto. I'll recover the price of my ticket and more! But I guess every Sindhi bhai in Toronto worth his papad has already gone and done that. Infact they are probably the enterprising souls selling these trinkets for $40 at the mall!

I miss Eid and the sewai that came from a muslim friend's house. I missed Lohri and the bonfires and random dancing in the street in front of my house. I miss listening to Rabbi on my way to work in the morning. I miss going to Priya with my friends, and sitting at Barista playing scrabble. I miss having aloo parathas on Sunday mornings, and having that with dahi and aachar. Yes Yes, we're back to food again so its come a full circle.

Most of all, I miss having a maid, who my mom would gossip with. Now I have to vacuum the house myself with my husband for gossip company. And he knows nothing about what the Chaddas' 17 yr old chori was doing with the Sens' 19 year old son in Sector 14, Block B park like my good old maid did!!!


Loser-in-Love said...

Very True...the things that we harp about in India like roads, cleanliness etc are taken for granted and there is no more charm about them....and we start to miss the little little tinee-minee things for our good life back in India.

Stummbled on our blog few dayz back...Glad that u hv started writing again....One sud hv sm bad writings on blogosphere as well ;)


shruti said...

Hey girl ..we are giettin a treat here ... for days I have visited your blog without getting any new post it like ur set to delight us ... I agree with all that U have mentioned even thou I havent venture out of India .. I love India and I can miss these things everyday ... whether I have them or not !! Loved ur post rocks

Lalit Singh said...

show me a desi outside the country who doesnt miss food

your post brought back so many memories and so much drool... now i must change my shirt

silverine said...

*drool* I was actually suffering hunger pangs reading this post, so I can imagine your plight! Poor you.

I am going to the cafeteria right now and eating a Samosa as a toast to you.

p.s why not start a Indian hors d'oeuvres outlet? You know, tiny cocktail samosas, masala penauts with raw onion, lime jiuce, green chillies, coriander leaves *drool* et all. Gotta run and get that samosa. bye!

Sneha said...

wow. i ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of cream crackers (hey there was no other ready to eat snacks!) and munched on a few!!
ah the maids are the best gossip mags one can get. they know EVERYTHING.

Deepankar said...

havent started reading this post yet .. but it's so(o*20 .. so it goes ..sooooooooooo with a a round mouth) good to finally see something new here after months of revising (literally) the old entries :)

souparna said...

oh.. tha parathas.. and the butter.. and the onion.. and the "saaabjiiwala"... and CP.. there is this dude who sits by the corner next to the India Today building.. selling his aloo chaats! man.. doesnt get better.. and there is no place else on planet earth where you can haggle like you can in janpath.. sarojini nagar perhaps.. :)
and barista.. and pictionary.. and screaming.. im sorry.. you dont even know me.. and i am on a roll.. but.. for some odd reason.. sitting in front of my 17inch monitor at work.. in a city with nothing more than a good weather.. i want to go back home.. and walk around CP, in the rain.. on the yellow line in the middle of the road.. smile at strange foreigners.. and say hello...

i miss delh.. but thanks.. had almost forgotten everything.. :)
hope you find your india a little bit in toronto ;)